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At NiPa Design we are focused towards providing quick start-to-finish execution, while paying attention to details. The services we offer are backed by a skilled team who have a sound understanding of product ideation, design and development. We understand the importance of clear communication, willingness to be flexible and offering support all the way up to production.

Services we offer include:

  • Applying a new technology or take a new approach to satisfy a need.
  • Finding a use for new technologies where the technology can satisfy a need better.
Product Design
  • Creating product concepts.
  • Finding the technology required.
  • Fix technical specifications.
  • Product styling, ergonomics, human factor and interfaces.
  • Market research cost estimate and feasibility.
Industrial Design
  • Design to satisfied specification and cost constraints.
  • Design to adhere to industry standards like UL and CE.
  • Design for manufactory and assembly (DFMA).
Prototyping & Testing
  • Proof of form prototypes to evaluate the ergonomics and styling.
  • Functional prototypes made from plastics, sheet metal, cast metals, rubber, composites, machined parts and fabrications.
  • Testing to validate if product meets product specification and intent.
Preparing For Production
With the help of our network of suppliers and vendors we can offer assistance with development of production tools, moulds, jigs and fixtures.


With the help of our network of contract manufacturers we can offer assistance to produce your product by working with them, prepare assembly line documentation and train a team to produce and perform quality tests.

Please write to Krishna (krishna@nipadesign.com) for any specific information on the services we can offer.