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Electrical Test Equipment 

A well known Indian manufacturer of electrical test equipment chose us to redesign their device for automatic high voltage capacitance and tan delta testing. We were to address ease of use (device was often used in remote and difficult locations), weight (affecting cost and portability in addition to 

ease of use), and appearance (device was to be sold to international users).

The device had about 50 electrical and electronic components, and high voltages were involved. We were to pay full attention to requirements of insulation, isolation and EMI shielding while rearranging these components and the connecting cables and wires.

We were also to balance the conflicting demands of low cost and low production volume while developing the new industrial design, choosing materials and developing production methods.
We completed this redesign work in less than 12 months, from start to prototyping, and managed to cut the unit weight of the device to half. The new design had about 60 mechanical parts that were made from metal, sheet metal, FRP, rubber and plastic, and met all of the objectives of redesign.